How Does GSM Amplifier Work?

How Does GSM Amplifier Work?

How Does GSM Signal Booster Work?
        The external receiving antenna of the product should be placed on a place where the signal reaches outside, such as a roof, etc. if possible. placed in a high place
And it is sufficient for at least 1 external signal to reach this place where you will place this external receiving antenna.
        Although it varies depending on the model, the device
At least 1 thread coming to external receiver antenna 2g(E) 3g(H) 4g(LTE)
Whichever of the signals it receives at least 1 tooth, it takes them, strengthens them and transmits them inside through its internal antenna.

       In short, where you will place the outdoor antenna
If there is at least 1 external signal, the product starts to work without any problems.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If there is only 2g broadcast on your roof, you can only retrofit to 2g.
In order to amplify from 3g 3.5g or 4g 4.5g, there must be at least 1 female signal from 3g 3.5g and 4g 4.5g.

In addition, the frequency band structure of 4G 4.5G broadcast may differ from region to region.
     -You should either buy multi-band full (4 or 5 band) models. You can buy it directly, plug it in and use it.
-or for models with fewer bands, we must choose the compatible model with the simple control we will perform for you.

Please contact us via the contact form or Whatsapp for model selection and help in this regard.

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